Why Do You Use
    a speckFINDER?


To improve appraisals and repairs. Not
only can gemologists use the speckFINDER HD to view and capture images, annotate, and measure while allowing customers to view appraisals real time, but during repair consultations the speckFINDER HD eliminates doubt and provides instant credibility.

Forensics Department

To improve the examination and processing of evidence to better solve crimes. Forensic Labs can study the precise details of evidence in high definition magnification and can easily save and process images for safe and effective evidence handling and storage.

Dental Lab

To increase productivity and documentation. The speckFINDER HD's customer-driven, ergonomic design is dental lab tested
and approved. It also provides lasting documentation to any project that can even be imported into software that manages
patient records.

Medical Device Manufacturer

To make component inspection and traceability effective and efficient.  With strict regulatory standards guiding this industry, the speckFINDER HD helps medical device manufacturers reduce the risks associated
with product recalls.

Industrial Manufacturer

To improve manufacturing production, assembly and repair of smaller parts. 
The speckFINDER HD enhances many aspects of the quality control process by magnifying defects and documenting them
with video capture.


To improve the basic method of teaching, allowing students to observe procedures
and techniques directly.   The speckFINDER HD allows demonstration of procedures, inspection techniques and dissections
to be easily made to groups who view the monitor simultaneously.


To improve restoration and examination of museum artifacts and specimen.  The speckFINDER HD improves museum research, inspection and restoration, as well as enhancing the various demonstrations
and interactive presentations Museums typically offer.

Financing Info

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What is the speckFINDER HD®?

speckFINDER HD® is a visual imaging system used by people who need to see precise details of the objects they work with everyday, but also demand an alternative to the daily fatigue and limited functionality associated with common workstation microscopes and stereoscopes.

speckFINDER HD® technology completely integrates the technologies of high quality optics, digital cameras, LED lighting, glass displays, personal computing electronics, and mechanics, to produce a workstation- friendly computer video microscope. Unlike conventional microscopes or stereoscopes with which a user must conform their body to a machine, speckFINDER HD® technology allows the user to obtain a comfortable posture and then adjust the machine to their individual comfort needs. Single or multiple workers can view magnified images simultaneously and effortlessly.

Because speckFINDER HD® combines multiple optical and digital technologies, images can also
be stored in multiple digital formats, networked, and software enhanced as needed. Measurement, drawing, call-outs, and overlays are all conveniently available within speckFINDER HD®’s standard technology package. Live or stored speckFINDER HD® images can be viewed on another display or projected onto an overhead screen for training, instructing, or supervising.

Who else is using the speckFINDER?
Some of our recent customers…

  • American Gem Society Laboratories
  • Metro East Forensic Laboratory
  • Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital
  • Herkimer County Community College
  • National Ignition Facility – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
  • National Institute of Technology – Tiruchirrappalli, India
  • University of Dayton Research Institute
  • SABIC Innovative Plastics
  • General Electric Power
  • US Army Special Operations Command - 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne)
  • Laboratory Environmental Support Systems, Inc.
  • Shree Ramkrishna Export (India)
  • Kunming Snlab Technic Co., Ltd (China)