3 USB Outputs

While traditional computer microscopes can capture images, the usability of those images typically ends on that system. Images captured on the speckFINDER HD® can easily be saved to a USB flash drive, external hard drive or network server right on the spot. Configured with 3 USB outputs, the speckFINDER HD® creates electronically process images that can be saved in a variety of file formats and outputted as necessary, providing lasting documentation for any project.

Being able to save and output images is exceedingly helpful in a variety of applications such as a live appraisal with jewelers, where the image is saved and outputted immediately or for documenting quality control samples for ISO compliance, training, or as part of a comprehensive vision inspection system. Images created by the speckFINDER HD® can even be imported into software that manages patient records for medical applications or emailed anywhere in the world. It’s an ideal tool for troubleshooting quality issues with suppliers and sub-contractors that are not on site.