“Microscope work is straining both to the visual system and the musculoskeletal system. Microscope operators are forced into unusual, exacting positions, with little possibility to move the head or the body."
-Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Microscope work requires the head and arms to be held in a forward position and inclined toward the microscope with rounded shoulder; a posture that can irritate soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and disks.

In partnership with microscopists from several industries, DAZOR designed the speckFINDER HD® to be ergonomic, easy to use and compact – an innovative concept for traditional microscopes and stereoscopes.

Studies report that up to 80% of microscope users will, at some point, file a workers' compensation claim due to poor microscope ergonomics. Most injuries or discomfort is in the neck or back. The speckFINDER HD®’s high-resolution CCD camera is mounted on the bottom of the unit with a large, high-resolution screen in the front, allowing its operator to sit upright, in a natural position.

Unlike other video magnification systems, the speckFINDER HD® needs no bulky add-ons to boost ergonomic comfort. It has been designed from the ground up to be both functional and comfortable.

The speckFINDER HD® has been proven in real-world industrial settings to increase operator productivity and increase comfort. In essence, we have eliminated the biggest problem in working with microscopes: the microscope.