What is the magnification of the speckFINDER HD®?
The speckFINDER can be configured with various lens options—giving you the ability to choose a lens which best matches your application.  Fixed focus telecentric lenses provide system magnifications ranging from 5X to 85X.  Variable zoom lens options provide system magnifications ranging from 6X to 90X.
How much does the speckFINDER HD® system cost?
Please call customer service at 800-345-9103 or email sales@speckFINDER.com for a quotation which best matches your application requirements.
Is it necessary to connect the speckFINDER HD® to a computer?
The speckFINDER HD® features an SBC, single board computer, making the unit a stand alone work station. It does not come with a PC, Laptop or tower.
Can images be saved?
Yes.  Images can be saved in JPEG or BMP format. We recommend saving images to an external storage device such as a flash drive or external hard drive by connecting to any of the three available USB ports. Dazor is not responsible for images which are deleted or lost.
How many images can I store?
The quantity of images that can be stored depends on the file sizes. Approximately 512MB internal memory is available. However, we recommend saving/storing images to an external storage device. Dazor is not responsible for deleted or lost images.
Can I record video?
Yes.  Video can be recorded in AVI format and saved.
What is the camera resolution?
The camera resolution is 1280 (H) x 1024 (V).
Can I connect to a separate monitor?
Yes. A VGA connection is located on the rear panel making it possible to connect flat panel displays.
Can the speckFINDER HD® be connected to my network?
Yes.  The speckFINDER HD® is network ready and be connected via wireless USB adapter or CAT5e Ethernet adapter.
Can I replace the lens or change lenses on my system?
No.  It is not possible to change lenses at this time.  The lens is chosen to match the application.  However, it is possible to add a .5X or .25X lens extender which reduces magnification and increases field of view?
What is Field of View?
The Field of View is the limited range—vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, which can be seen based on the lens selected.
Are color filter attachments available?
Yes.  Red, Green and Blue filers are available depending on the application.
Can I measure using the speckFINDER HD?
Yes.  Measuring can be done using a live image.  But, the system must first be calibrated at the selected magnification.  This process is outlined in the Operations Manual.
Can the speckFINDER HD® be used for training and presentations?
A great benefit of the speckFINDER HD is its use in training and presentation. In small group training situations, the speckFINDER allows multiple people to watch images on the screen as the instructor demonstrates and explains. Everyone sees at the same time what the instructor is doing. No need to repeat the action or procedure multiple times for each student. For presentations to larger audiences, the speckFINDER HD® can be connected to a large flat panel monitor or LCD projector using the VGA connection located on the rear panel.
Does the speckFINDER HD® have auto focus capability?
No. Similar to a traditional microscope, the system is focused using the focus control knob located on the side of the head.
What is the working distance?
The working distance is the distance from the front of the lens to the object being viewed.  This distance varies based on lens selection and the application.
Can I just purchase the speckFINDER HD® head?
No. When using dark field illumination, the speckFINDER HD® has been designed to optimize viewing of images in conjunction with a light engine designed based on end user feedback.
What is the warranty?
Dazor offers a one-year warranty.  Optional one and two extended warranties can be purchased at the time the system is purchased.
Do you offer financing options?
Yes. Please see the Financing details in the website to learn more.