Designed to meet the demands of Master Gemologists, the speckFINDER HD® mounted on Dazor’s gemological base takes microscopy to the next level for jewelry professionals. Appraisals and appraisal documentation are greatly improved through the use of the speckFINDER HD® as it allows users to view and capture images, annotate and measure with the customer viewing simultaneously. Additionally, jewelry repairs are greatly improved as jewelers are able to eliminate doubt and provide instant credibility during consultations. With several lighting options available and variable intensity LED Darkfield Illumination – the speckFINDER HD® is optically designed and thermally managed to optimize performance for gemologists.

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It is extremely important that law enforcement use cutting edge technology in the forensics field in order to effectively and efficiently solve crimes. The speckFINDER HD® offers a real benefit to the method in which forensic labs study and process evidence. Not only does the microscope offer those in forensics the ability to see the precise details of evidence in high definition magnification, but the imaging capability and the option to store images in multiple digital formats, network, and software enhance as needed is extremely beneficial.

Dental Laboratories

The speckFINDER HD® offers an effective solution to the dental laboratory worker who spends many hours a day hunched over a microscope trying to look through two little eyepieces. The speckFINDER HD®'s customer-driven, ergonomic design is lab tested and approved, enabling dental labs to increase productivity - and comfort (while decreasing workers' comp claims and the physical discomfort reported by up to 80% of microscopists). Additionally, because the speckFINDER HD® utilizes electronically processed images that can be saved as still photos or movies, it provides lasting documentation to any project. Saved images can even be imported into software that manages patient records for medical applications.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Because component inspection and traceability is vital to the medical device manufacturing sector, the speckFINDER HD® offers this industry an incredibly powerful tool that improves quality control applications. More so than manufacturers in other industries, medical device manufacturers are considerably more focused on complying with regulatory standards and mitigating the risks associated with product recalls. Whether it is pace makers, syringes, catheters, or other surgical equipment, customers demand that these devices be thoroughly inspected and documented for traceability; and the speckFINDER HD® allows these manufacturers to effectively and efficiently carry out this process.

Industrial Manufacturing

As instruments and equipment become more compact, the parts that comprise them are smaller and more tightly integrated. The production, assembly, and repair of smaller parts requires magnification because less effort in seeing and decoding visual information results in greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The speckFINDER HD® not only provides this needed magnification, but with its generous working distance and articulating arm, it allows the user a direct line of sight so that their eyes and hands can work together more efficiently. Additionally, due to the increased need for quality inspection to reduce defects to insure error-free procedures in manufacturing operations, the speckFINDER HD® enhances many aspects of the quality control process by magnifying defects and documenting them with video capture.


Education and training can be enhanced dramatically by using the speckFINDER HD® because more than one person can view the magnified image. Demonstration of procedures, inspection techniques and dissections can be made to groups who view the monitor simultaneously. Everyone sees the same image and observes the live action. Questions can be answered by demonstrating on the spot. Trainees master techniques more quickly because the instructor can show and explain as everyone sees exactly what the instructor sees. In essence, the basic method of teaching, in which students observe procedures and techniques directly, is made available by the speckFINDER HD®.


From archeology and science to art and history, museums around the globe can benefit from speckFINDER HD® technology. Museum personel who do research, inspect and restore museum wares and examine artifacts, objects and even living organisms of all sorts, highly benefit from the versatility of the instrument and the ability to save and work with their images. Additionally, demonstrations and interactive presentations can be enhanced by incorporating the use of the speckFINDER HD® into the variety of educational programs that museums typically offer.