Lighting Options

Lighting requirements differ depending upon the nature of the inspection task, so the speckFINDER HD® provides a variety of solutions to ensure anything you want to magnify can be adequately illuminated.

Smart LED Ring Light

Using a wireless mouse and proprietary Smart Control TM software, the Smart LED Ring Light is the world’s most advanced Ring Light illumination technology.  The Smart LED Ring Light is designed to be used with the speckFINDER HD® and standard microscopes giving users the ability to control shadowing and surface reflections without touching the object being viewed. 
  • Model LRS-1:  Available with 2 rows of 40 high brightness LEDsModel LRS-2: Available with 2 rows of 40 365nm LEDs
  • Model LRS-5:  Available with 1 row of 40 high brightness LEDs and 1 row of 40 365nm UV LEDs

Halogen Lights

This lighting option features dual 20-watt halogen lights mounted on flexible arms that allow for maximum user control. Multiple angle illumination enables the user to choose from shadow-free or high-light viewing. 

Fluorescent Ring Light

The ring light provides even, shadow-free light with a daylight fluorescent color temperature of 6000K. In work areas where color correctness and shade matching are critical, the ring light is an ideal option.

The ring light can also be used in conjunction with speckFINDER halogen lights. Combining the warm color of the halogens with the white/blue, daylight illumination of the ring light covers a large portion of the color spectrum. The result is an excellent white light with excellent color rendering properties.
Available in high frequency.

Dimmable LED Ring Light

This LED Ring Light features 48 bright  LEDs, a removable diffuser and is dimmable.  It can be used with the speckFINDER HD® or standard microscopes.  The diffuser provides a uniform, shadow-free light pattern.
Inside diameter: 2.45” / 62.4mm
Model:  LRD

Quadrant Control LED Ring Light

Featuring 80 bright LEDs, this ring light features variable intensity along with the added benefit of controlling individual quadrants.  Each quadrant can be individually powered with the press of a button.  Inside diameter:  1.88” / 47.7mm
Model: LRQ