Video Output

The video output allows the speckFINDER HD® to be easily connected to an LCD projector or flat panel television using the VGA connection located on the read panel, effectively turning the speckFINDER HD® into a versatile tool for teaching, training, presentation and demonstration purposes.

Due to the video output capabilities, training is even easier with the speckFINDER HD® because now large groups of people can view the magnified image. Demonstration of procedures and inspection techniques can be made to groups who view the images simultaneously. Everyone sees the same image and observes the live action. Questions can be answered by demonstrating on the spot. Trainees master techniques more quickly because the instructor can show and explain as everyone sees exactly what the instructor sees. In essence, the basic method of teaching, in which students observe procedures and techniques directly, is made available by the speckFINDER HD®. In applications such as jewelry, an appraisal may be done while the customer watches real time. The diamond or other valuable never has to leave the sight of the customer, protecting the appraiser and the customer.