Optic Options

Many applications require viewing, working with, inspecting, or measuring smallobjects and features. In order to achieve high quality system resolution, the optical lens must be able to resolve the smallest desirable detail.

Telecentric Lens

With a conventional fixed focal lens, objects closer to the lens will appear larger than objects farther from the lens. Telecentric lenses do not have this perspective error. The lack of perspective error makes telecentric lenses ideal for metrology and gauging applications. Telecentric lenses offer superior image quality at specific levels of magnification.

Variable Focus Lens

Variable Focus Zoom Lenses offer the flexibility of changing the focal length of the lens without making adjustments to working distance. The Variable Focus lens allows for different fields of view to be imaged at different magnification levels with minimal changes, such as fine focusing, to the overall speckFINDER HD® system. These lenses are ideal for applications where the entire object as well as small features within that object need to be inspected with the same imaging system.