Windows XP Operating System

“Our lab staff loves that it has a built in PC allowing them to save and work with images.”
-Marti Cortez, St Louis Science Center

Beyond being able to save and output images through video and USB outputs, the speckFINDER HD® can operate as a stand-alone personal computer that is fully “networkable”. Featuring a Windows XP operating system, the speckFINDER HD® is truly a self-contained workstation-friendly computer video microscope. There is no need to connect to a separate PC, tower or laptop.

A vast amount of computer users are already familiar with Windows based software, with its graphical user interface, simple menu systems and built-in security, making the speckFINDER HD® very easy to use and navigate. Specifically, speckFINDER HD® users can work with their captured images, email files and connect to their network, in addition to connecting to existing database systems.